Hello world!

Welcome to the first installment of the Source Agency blog! I am John Adcox, the President of Source Agency, and my marketing staff has convinced me that it’s time for me to join the ranks of the other socially connected professionals in our industry and write a blog.  I am still a little skeptical about how I will find the time to keep up a blog and whether or not I have enough to say to warrant one at all… but nevertheless, I am excited to venture into the blogsphere. So here goes.

The plan is fairly simple: to post real-estate centered information that is relevant and interesting to our circle of clients, investors, and friends. While we are still working to hone in on exactly what content will be here and on what timeline it will be posted, here is a breakdown of what you will likely find:

-FORECLOSURE/REAL ESTATE NEWS: breaking foreclosure industry news and statistics

-MY COMMENTARY AND THOUGHTS ON SAID NEWS: from time to time I may weigh in and offer my thoughts on the government’s involvement in the real estate industry or a particular company’s decision to buy another company, etc. Could be interesting!

-SOURCE AGENCY DEALS/PROPERTIES: while we have 10’s of millions of dollars worth of foreclosures for sale at any given time, I will likely mix in some opportunities that I think are particularly sweet.

-Source Agency News: news on special events and promotions (such as property liquidation sales and auctions) or things happening at Source that I think you would want to know about…

-Random Other Things: I will probably mix in some other completely random and unrelated things that I think are funny or interesting…just to break it up a little. We will see how that goes…

Some posts will be long and detailed, full of industry stats and other boring but vital info.  Some will be very short, maybe just a link to something else. All in all, I am aiming to make an informative blog for serious real estate investors (no waste of time here) and a place where open dialogue can take place between people to discuss ideas and opportunities in the marketplace. I encourage you to SUBSCRIBE to this blog, VISIT OUR WEBSITE: www.sourceforeclosures.com for more information on our firm and subscribe to our Real Property Feed.

In the meantime, feel free to leave some comments on what you would like to hear about…


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