This blog is published by Source Agency, a NC-based asset management firm specializing in the disposition of foreclosed properties for banks.  Here you will find info and commentary on the real estate and foreclosure industry as well as news and purchase opportunities from Source Agency.  If you want to stay up to date on industry news, please subscribe to our blog.

For more info on Source Agency, please visit our site: www.sourceforeclosures.com

To subscribe to our property feed, giving you real time updates on new pre-market foreclosed properties, click here: www.sourceforeclsoures.com/buyer/join-mailing-list 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  John Adcox serves as the president of Source Agency, a NC based foreclosure management firm.  In his post as head of the firm, Adcox oversees the daily operations and staff of the company, advises the firm’s larger clients, and sets the direction for the firm making sure to stay at the forefront of the industry. 

Having spent over a decade in the real estate business, he has a wealth of experience in most aspects of the industry.  In addition to managing his own companies, Adcox also spends time consulting for other firms and investing.  He is married with one daughter, Peyton.


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